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Founder's Story

People often ask me where my love for hospitality came from and I can't help but think of my grandparents. They owned and managed a motor inn located in Brandon, VT called The Adams.


I began working unpaid internships in hotels during my summer months home from college.  I started from the entry level positions of continental breakfast host, laundry attendant, front desk agent and banquet attendant. I loved helping people and providing them friendly service.

During my time in college, I held multiple different positions within my sorority organizing events, solidifying venues, and coordinating with others to accomplish fundraising goals.


After graduating from college with Bachelors of Science, I acquired my first hospitality sales job as a sales coordinator.  I worked directly with universities' sports departments, wedding and event venues, as well as funeral homes to supply room rate agreements.


Shortly after that opportunity, I was promoted to a Senior Sales Manager working with major companies on their travel needs.

Working in the hospitality industry from the hotel sales standpoint for 6 years, I decided to take on my next challenge by moving to another aspect of the industry, third party travel agency. 


This was a challenging, but liberating experience for me to understand how to build contracts from scratch.  I was exposed to different types of addendums completely at my disposal to add for the protection of my clients.  This is where it really began.

I am now located in New York City, where the tourism was completely devastated by the pandemic, which changed my career forever.  

I created this business to help others through the difficult process of reviewing lengthy contracts.  It can seem overwhelming to those who don't see them too often and I want to provide my expertise to assist through the process.

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15 Years of Experience
In Contract Review

After working in hospitality sales for over a decade, Consult Meg are experts in reading, understanding, and editing contracts to protect others.  Whether you are an artist, a tenant, or a vacation rental tenant, Consult Meg can assist you through the process before or during the life of the contract.

Meet the Founder

She started this business after helping many friends and family members with current or new contract agreements.

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Megan Cowee

Entrepreneur with a B.S. from Fairleigh Dickinson University majored in Hospitality Management with a minor in Business Administration. Completed a certificate program in Intellectual Property Law at Penn State while studying to take the LSATs this year.  Megan looks forward to attending Law School part time in the evenings staring Fall 2023.