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Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Consult Meg concentrates on the contract review process to provide thorough understanding of the written agreement and communicate this to the client, outlining key areas of concern and/or things to keep in mind during the duration of the agreement.  Consult Meg can provide advice with recommended addendums to protect the client prior to signing or when able to renegotiate active agreements.

Lease & Rental Agreement Review

Easy and fast lease, rental, tenant agreement and addendum reviews.

Wedding Venue Contract Review

Thorough review of venue and vendor contracts giving advice to signer for protection.

Gallery Contract Review

Complete review of contract with confidentiality and discretion of agreement and all parties involved. 

Business Agreement Review

Assistance with reviewing and creating contracts between brands for collaboration, ie: artists, photographers, designers, etc.

Our Goals & Achievements on Contract Reviews

Consult Meg has extensive experience in sales management roles within the hospitality industry for over a decade reviewing, creating, and editing contracts daily with customers, vendors, venues, and third parties.  The pandemic helped this company come to life, providing assistance to friends and family members while still taking classes to continue to broaden the experience areas.

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